Erasmus University Charter

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Erasmus University Charter


The Erasmus University Charter (EUC) is a document issued by the European Commission which authorizes an institute of higher education to participate in the Erasmus program. It sets out the basic principles and minimum requirements that must be met by the higher education institution in the implementation of Erasmus activities, but does not in itself provide any funding. The European Commission issues 3 types of EUC:

Within the framework of the EUC, the school formulates an Erasmus Policy Statementwhich outlines a complete plan of the institution'scooperation in the Erasmus program with its strategy defined in the institution's mission statement. The measures and actions the institution intends to implement in order to meet the requirements of the EUC are also detailed here.


Erasmus Policy Statement VŠOH

 Strategy of our College of Business and Hotel Management school is in study programme in branches Hotel Management and Management of Tourism and our plan is prepare our graduates for managing, planning , organizational and supervisory functions in area sof higger management in hotels, hotels chain and other accomodation subjects, mainly in small and medium companies, facilities of tourism and in independent business too, with respect to conditions of the European Union.

Strategy of study is in conformity with conceptual materials of the EU, Czech republic and region of South Moravia in the area tourism development and human resources. Study respect Bologna Declaration, action plan of development of area higger education in Europe to date 2010. In compilance with this plan is study in our branch of management of hotels and management of tourism conceive as 3 year bachelor study programme, create for practice in areas of hotel management and tourism or for continue in next study in planned master study programme.

Our study use ECTS system of evaluation. Its practice system for students mobily across all countries of the EU. Through intensive cooperation with foreign higger schools with simile study programmes, we want reach globalization our institution and maily with help of Eramus grant system. Our intensive cooperation will be in progress mainly change of students, change of tutors and common research activities. Our research activity will cover research in intercultural differents countries in tourism and comparing elements in branches of tourism, legislative and comparation analysis in offers of tourism trade.     

Our objektive for medium term plan is establish a cooperation with countries of Vysegradian Four and our long term plan is cooperation with other countries of the EU. Study in our school is enabled to all students which fulfil the conditions for acceptance to our school without different of nationality, races and sex.

Our school accept importace of support for handicap students, which can cooperate with their projects to intercultural cooperation. Project Erasmus and related activities will be published in our web pages and in our school intranet portal. Whole public will be informed about Erasmus project in conferencies, seminaries, workshops and maily in our school public days too . Students and tutors College of Business and Hotel Management school hand in issues of programme for other students in workshops and courses. Tutors elaborate articles for press, for media, mainly of regional character.

Management of school in cooperate with tutors ensure incorporation of new informations to study programmes and individual subjects. Management prepare seminaries, workshops and conference in cooperation with OHK Brno, section education, Národní federace hotelů a restaurací and Českou barmanskou asociací. Our school will be assist presentation of issues research activities of our tutors – maily their active cooperation in workshops, courses and conferencies. We want create our study texts for daily study programmes and for distance study programmes too. With context in these activities our school want start programme of lifelong leasing and in all these areas we want present our issues of project Erasmus.

The mobility of academic staff is garantee and will be delepment in whole context with institutions public and private sector. In activities of our school we want cooperate mainly in areas of hotel management, tourism and gastronomy. Academic staff will active cooperate with other universities in project Erasmus and to these activities tutor wiil contiue in practice activities in conferencies, education and with activities in context with literature. Move of academic staff we want developed for future in context of cooperation with countires of the European Union.


Erasmus Policy Statement VŠOH in a request for EUC (rok 2010)


For selected participants for all interships will be proceed intensive language preparation, which will elastic answer for technical and labour aspects of language knowledges, mainly our attention will devoute to widening special vocabularies, quality and culturals aspects in area of gastronomy, hotel management and tourism in Czech and European context.

During all interships will develop other knowledges and other area sof specific activities in gastronomy, hotel management and tourism. In preparation our interships will set up intercultural preparation, which their components will be development of knowledges about policy, regional policy, regional divisions, legislative institutions, history, cultural traditions, geografy and many other realies.For all tutors in our school will be prepare interships about thein cooperation in programme Erasmus. Their activities will be tend to new tutor techiques, to new ways of education and cooperation with public and private institutios in context Czech Republic and the European Uni

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