SMS - Student Mobility for Studies Abroad

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SMS - Student Mobility for Studies Abroad


SMS is a subset of the Erasmus mobility program, which is designed for students who may complete a study abroadat the receiving institution to which they will be granted financial support in the form of scholarships. The purpose of the stay is to study at the host institution in accordance with the approved study plan, which is confirmed prior to arrival by the sending and receiving institutions. Residencies can only take place at a partner university located in a country participating in the Lifelong Learning Program, with which the sending institution has entered into a bilateral agreement. The sending and receiving institutions must have an Erasmus University Charter awarded by the European Commission.


The Erasmus program offers VŠOH students three types of activities:


Program Benefits

There are many reasons to study in the Erasmus program. Here are but a few of them:


Financial Benefits for Erasmus Students

Students studying abroad under the Erasmus program receive a financial scholarship, which is intended to cover the costs of the study period and represents a contribution to the increased costs associated with the stay abroad. The scholarship is awarded according to the Erasmus Program table of awarded grants and scholarshipsfor 2013/2014. Financial support can not be used to pay for costs that are already covered by other EU events / programs.In the case of failure to observe the entire duration of the study period in full months, the scholarship for the last month will be allocated according to the number of days in the last month as follows:

    1-7 days / none of the monthly stipend;

    8-20 days / half of the monthly stipend;

    21-30 days / entire monthly stipend.

Furthermore, the receiving institution will not request any fees from students (e.g. tuition, registration fee, exam fees, fees for the use of laboratories, libraries, etc.). Exceptions comprise small fees (use of the printer, membership in student unions, etc.), but always according to the rules that apply for domestic students. In addition students do not pay any fees for the organization and administration of the study period. Classes can be moved forward to the following semester free of charge. Students will be instructed as to which classes will be officially recognized at our school in advance or on the conditions of their recognition. He/she will receive confirmation.


Zero-grant student

A student may participate in the Erasmus program even if they are not awarded a stipend (this is referred to as a zero-grant student). However, the Student receives financial support from VŠOH in the form of full remission of tuition fees for the entire semester in which they will be studying abroad. The saved money replace him the lost Erasmus stipend. Such a student will have Erasmus student status, which allows him to enjoy all the benefits of the Erasmus program. All the qualifying criteria and financial benefits apply for students without scholarships with the exception of the amount.


Length of Residency

The length of the study period must last at least three months or one full academic semester, the maximum length of the stay is 12 months. The length of study in the case of multiple destinations must respect a minimum duration of three months at each destination.


Eligibility Conditions for Candidates

Each duly registered student of the College of Business and Hotel Management in Brno may apply for a study abroad program (Erasmus student mobility) at a partner institution, regardless of their mode of study (full-time or part-time) as long as they are enrolled in one of the school's accredited programs. The student may be a citizen of any country. Students must, at the time of mobility, be duly enrolled in at least the second year of studies at the College of Business and Hotel Management in Brno (this only applies for a bachelor level degree) and have duly paid tuition for the given semester.

Throughout the period of study abroad the student must be duly enrolled at the College of Business and Hotel Management in Brno and may not terminate their studies (complete final state examinations) before the end of the study abroad period. The student may only travel to study abroad within the Erasmus Program once during his/her studies at the College of Business and Hotel Management in Brno. Students are chosen through a transparent selection process.


Application Process 

Students may apply for Erasmus student mobility if they meet all of the application qualification requirements. Students may only register at predetermined times, regularly updated in the News section. After applying the student must complete and submit the following documents by sending them to

Application form

Learning Agreement

Structured CV (in native language and English)

Letter of Motivation (in native language and English)

Transcript of Student Records

Diplomas, certificates, certificates of the applicant's language proficiency (if the applicant happens to have any)

Confirmation from the bank in the Czech Republic  about a EUR bank account denominated in the name of the student.


Selection Process

An expert selection committee subsequently chooses which student will study abroad. The term of the call for applications is published in the News section. The committee shall examine the documents, student prerequisites for successful completion of mobility, and language skills. Any duly registered student has the right to participate in the selection process. In the case of unexcused absence the candidate's application will not be accepted and the student will be excluded from the group of applicants. Applicants will be informed of the results of the application process via e-mail within 10 days of the selection process. 


Language Training within Erasmus Student Mobility

Study abroad is, of course, associated with students' language skills. All VŠOH students are required to study four semesters of a language and four semesters of a second language (at least one of which must be English). In addition to basic curriculum students may enroll for two semesters of an optional language (depending on the country where they wish to travel, the primary language, again, being English). Prior to departure, they can attend an intensive English course conducted through consultation with a selected member of staff.


Study Abroad

Students study abroad on the basis of a predetermined Learning Agreement. It is a three part agreement between the sending institution (College of Business and Hotel Management in Brno), the receiving institution, and the traveling student, signed by all three parties. The curriculumis prepared based on the student's application for mobility. In the curriculum, the student agrees that during the term of the academic year at the receiving institution he/she will study and successfully complete at least three compulsory courses listed in the curriculum, and obtain at least 20 ECTS credits. If not, he/she does not qualify for Erasmus grant recognition or other courses completed at the receiving institution. The course of study, the allotment of credits for the individual classes that VŠOH students attend while abroad, and the student's duties while under the Erasmus Program are governed by the Vice-Rector for Educational Activities.

Regulations for Erasmus Students by the Vice-Rector


For more information, contact the Institutional Erasmus Coordinator Mgr. Hana Vovsová



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