Incoming Students and Teachers

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Incoming Students and Teachers


The College of Business and Hotel Management is a private school that prepares graduates to run, organize, plan and command the role of senior management in hotels, hotel chains and other accommodation facilities, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as tourist facilities run through self-employment, taking into account the conditions of the European Union.

The overall strategy of the curriculum is consistent with conceptual materials of the EU, the Czech Republic and the South Moravian Region in the development of tourism and human resources. The curriculum responds to the Bologna Declaration, and therefore the action plan for the development of higher education in Europe by 2010. Studies are conducted using a credit system as a suitable means of promoting widespread student mobility - European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Through extensive cooperation with foreign universities of similar orientation and school involvement in joint activities in education, we aim to achieve internationalization of our institution.


Primary Information


Name of Institution

Vysoká škola obchodní a hotelová

(College of Business and Hotel Management)






Bosonožská 9

625 00 Brno

Czech Republic


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Contacts – Department of International Relations

Statutory representative

PhDr. Ludmila Bartoňová

tel.: 547218247




Contacts – Erasmus Program

Institutional Erasmus Coordinator

Mgr. Hana Vovsová




Assistant Coordinator

Bc. Ilona Mišková


Welcome to the College of Business and Hotel Management

Our school's staff tries to make your arrival in Brno, your stay and study, or teaching experience at our school beneficial as well as pleasant. For this reason you are met immediately upon arrival in Brno at a predefined location (station, airport, etc.) by a school representative, who has a perfect command of English, as well as advanced knowledge of French and Italian. Communication can take place in any of these languages. Our assistant will accompany you to your place of accommodation, and will help you with all issues related to accommodation and other necessities. At the appointed time you will then be brought to meet the school's principal Erasmus coordinator, who will arrange all organizational matters, program of work, study, etc. This meeting will be in English. If the student wishes to use French or Italian, assistants can act as interpreters. Students will then be accompanied by the assistant who will familiarize them with the school, classrooms, fellow students, etc. The assistant will be available to you for the entire duration of your stay. Getting teachers familiar with all the necessities is the program coordinator's role. Educators will then be introduced to the school's rector and vice-rector. Alternatively, the head of the department within which they will be working. The language for these interactions is English or German. The school has German and English interpreters who are at the full disposal of the arriving Erasmus mobility participants free of charge. During your stay you will be appointed two mentors - an Erasmus Institutional Coordinator (who will provide for all organizational matters) and the Vice-Rector for Education or the Head of one of the departments who will mentor your curriculum or training.

More information is provided in the ERASMUS - Student´s Guide  


List of Courses

The College of Business and Hotel Management offers incoming students under the Erasmus program a wide range of specialized courses taught in Czech and English. Incoming students may choose any of the subjects taught during the semester in the catalog of courses. Each class is listed in the catalog by its name, the language it is taught in, annotation, the number of ECTS credits, the semester and discipline within which the subject is taught, and also the name of the department which oversees its teaching. Students are offered 4 types of courses:



Courses at College of Business and Hotel Management for Erasmus+ student


Czech Language Courses

For students who wish to learn Czech, or to perfect their skills in Czech, the College of Business and Hotel Management offers two types of courses. Courses are held at the school and taught by members of our staff.



We inform incoming mobile participants that insurance cover is not automatically provided. Information and assistance can be provided when request by the student.


Study Schedule at VŠOH

Students who are interested in studying at VŠOH Erasmus can study in winter semester. In the winter semester need to apply by May 15th. Study is organized according to the following schedule.


Schedule for the 2018/2019 academic year


Application to study at VŠOH within the Erasmus Program


STUDENT LIFE in the CZECH REPUBLIC (Honest Guide) : In Brno




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